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Calculateur d'energie pour les hotels

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(fr) How does the e-tool kit works?


Join thousands of hoteliers who have taken the questionnaire. You could save energy, save money and help tackle climate change.

(fr) Benefits for the Hotels
(fr) 1. Understand how much energy you could save

(fr)Based on your answers in the questionnaire, you will be provided with the six most fitting energy efficient and renewable energy solutions for your hotel. In addition, the energy solutions fact sheets will give you an overview of the costs, usage of the energy solution, and further useful information.

(fr) 2. Measure your energy usage

(fr)Within only 40 minutes you can complete the questionnaire leading to your energy performance reports.

(fr) 3. Compare your results with similar hotels and measure your progress

(fr)From energy efficiency to renewable energy solutions, take care of your energy performance your way on your time. By saving your data and re-evaluating different years of your energy use you can analyze and review your energy performance.

(fr) 4. Reduce costs and market your activities

(fr)By choosing one or more possible energy technological solutions you can decrease your energy costs and thus increase your profits. In addition, by implementing action plans and getting tangible results, you can promote your commitment toward climate change mitigation to your guests and position yourself as a responsible hotelier.

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