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Calculateur d'energie pour les hotels

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(fr) Evaluate the best investment choices for your hotel

(fr)The return on investment calculator helps to evaluate the best investment choices for each energy technology solution based on specific inputs provided by the hoteliers. The tool assists the user in making informed strategic decisions regarding their EE and RET investments. The aim is to support the analysis of the cost-benefit implementation of these technologies.

The return on investment calculator requires the user to provide financial information needed to perform the calculations and generate the reports. The starting point of any project is a questionnaire that has to be filled for each project, and gathers information that is needed by the ROI reports. The questionnaire is divided in three sections:

  • Energy project type
  • Debt information
  • Financial information

Upon completion of the questionnaire, the return on investment calculator performs calculations to produce three different ROI reports

  • Energy savings
  • Cash flow
  • Return on Investment outputs

Click here to view an example of ROI reports

screen-shot-roi-rpt screen-shot-cash-flow screen-shot-roi-metrics

Version v17.01.000 Release Date: 04/03/2021